The Penny Brannigan Series

A Small Hill To Die On

Winner of the Bony Blithe Light Mystery Award 2013

A Small Hill to Die On by Elizabeth J. DuncanThe North Wales market town of Llanelen is abuzz when a Vietnamese family moves into Ty Brith Hall. It isn’t long before the family’s business dealings have the townsfolk wondering what’s really going on up at the big house on the hill.

Things take a sinister turn when Penny Brannigan, spending a midwinter afternoon sketching the magnificent views that surround the town, discovers the body of the new family’s teenage daughter. Many secrets lie buried in the shallow grave, along with the girl, who Penny identifies by the snakeskin manicure she received at Penny’s salon. When an elderly woman returns to Llanelen to care for her ailing brother, Penny discovers the truth about another death at Ty Brith Hall, one that hits very close to home. Though Penny’s romantic interest, Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Davies, warns her to stay away, Penny can’t resist getting involved, and her urge to help will ultimately put her in danger.

Elizabeth J. Duncan’s latest offering in this engaging series is filled with memorable characters, great escapes, explosive plot twists, and plenty of Welsh charm.

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A Killer’s Christmas In Wales

A Killer's Christmas in Wales by Elizabeth J DuncanAs the townsfolk of the Welsh valley town of Llanelen settle in for the snowiest winter in twenty-five years, an American stranger arrives. Harry Saunders charms the ladies, one of them in particular: Evelyn Lloyd, the town’s former postmistress, who was left comfortably off after the death of her husband. After Mrs. Lloyd invests a good deal of money with him, Harry goes missing, as does her money. His body is soon discovered outside the walls of Conwy Castle, and Mrs. Lloyd is implicated in the murder.

Although Penny Brannigan and her business partner, Victoria Hopkirk, are busy overseeing the grand opening of their new spa, that doesn’t stop Mrs. Lloyd from desperately seeking Penny’s help to prove her innocence. It’s quite possible that Harry made other enemies while in Llanelen and Penny’s investigation unfolds while she juggles her work at the spa, her growing relationship with Detective Inspector Davies, and the Christmas window competition that she signed up to judge.

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A Brush with Death

Front cover of Elizabeth Duncan's A Brush With Death

When Penny Brannigan inherits a charming, old-fashioned cottage in the North Wales town of Llanelen, she soon realizes she has come into more than what real estate agents like to describe as a desirable period property: she’s also acquired memories, mystery and an unsolved, decades-old hit and run killing.
Little by little, as she sorts through her benefactor’s belongings, the cottage begins to give up its secrets. Helped by a small group of friends, Penny and her business partner Victoria Hopkirk discover the sad truth at the heart of the merciless killing of a promising young artist who had been part of the great Liverpool arts movement of the 1960s. Along the way they discover some important paintings that had been hidden for decades and finally bring answers and understanding to a family that had been grieving for too long.

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The Cold Light of Mourning

Available in Hardcover and Paperback

Hardback cover of The Cold Light of MourningThe North Wales town of Llanelen is shocked when posh bride Meg Wynne Thompson goes missing on her wedding day. The last person believed to have seen her is manicurist Penny Brannigan, an ex-patriate Canadian.

With her new friend, Victoria, Penny sets out to find the killer.

They soon determine that several people, including the bride’s drunken, abusive father, had reasons to wish the bride dead but when the trail leads them to Ty Brith, the groom’s home, they uncover an explosive secret at the heart of Britain’s underworld.


The Paperback cover for The Cold Light of Mourning

A traditional mystery with surprising twists, The Cold Light of Mourning will keep you guessing.

In 2010, The Cold Light of Mourning was published in paperback (pictured left). In 2009 it won the Malice Domestic award for best first novel.